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Crystal of the Month

Tiger's Eye stone will:

  • Integrate both hemispheres of the brain
  • Aid those with scattered energy to resolve any mental conflicts
  • Help you to be clearer mentally and charge the intellect 
  • Release fear and help you to manifest goals
  • Allow you to remain calm and grounded through the changes
Shungite - $8.00
Shungite - $8.00

Shungite & Radiation 

One of the most beneficial uses of the Shungite metaphysical properties is to protect against electrical magnetic fields, also known as EMFs. We are constantly surrounded by technology—cell phones, computers, televisions, Wifi and the list goes on and on. Each of these radiate man-made, EMFs. Many people experience EMF sensitivity, and EMFs have been linked to constriction of blood flow to major organs, poor digestion and immune systems, increased blood pressure, hearth rate and blood sugar, arthritis, anxiety and depression. Apple even has a disclaimer encouraging you to not hold your phone directly to your head. Fortunately, there is protection from EMFs.

In layman terms, Shungite has a reputation of being able to absorb and neutralize these frequencies due to its components on a molecular level. It is the ONLY natural material in existence to have the presence of hollow molecular carbon cages, known as fullerenes, embedded within this mineral, which allows it to neutralize the EMFs. 

Add Copper Wrapping (Copper ONLY) - $15.00 *Crystal MUST be purchased separately to be wrapped*
Add Copper Wrapping (Copper ONLY) - $15.00 *Crystal MUST be purchased separately to be wrapped*

 Copper Wrapping 

As a conductor of energy, when used with earthly crystals it intensifies, enhances and channels their properties. Copper assist the body with repairing tissues, oxygenating the blood, easing arthritis, strengthening the reproductive system and increasing vitality.

Copper is known as the lucky metal, as well as the healing metal. It is the conductor of the spiritualist's belief system. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. It is linked with the Divine and attributes to the Goddess of Heaven. 

5 Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper
Relieves Joint stiffness and Joint pain,  Mineral absorption; Copper has micro minerals such as iron and zinc, Increases cardiovascular health, Provides immune system support; Acts as an Anti-aging agent.