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Hippie Rolling Kit- $60.00
Hippie Rolling Kit- $60.00
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ALL NEW Hippie Rolling Kit !

Our New Modern Hippies Handmade Resin Rolling Kit is the perfect addition to your coffee table. Fully customizable; we have taken the liberty of creating special kits that help create different vibes & ambiances when practicing herbal liberation. This Hippie Kit comes ready to use with A Hippie Rolling Tray, Hippie Ashtray & Hippie Medicine Box. The resin secures each products longevity for timely continued use. Each order comes with two of our Hippie Herbal PreRolls for your relaxing pleasure upon arrival. 

Add Luminescent Moonstone to your Pyramid for an Illuminating Glow! Just $5

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How Do Orgone Pyramid Work? 

Orgone Pyramids are made of Resin which is comprised of 5 organic compounds. It is an excellent insulator of electricity and A collector of the unseen. This structure is the Yin energy of the balancing Piezoelectric effect created by blending certain minerals such as Quartz, Kyanite, and Copper with the resin that shrinks when cured. When crystals are squeezed, they send off an electrical charge. The electrical charge output is the Yang energy of the balancing. Together this is call Orgone Energy Accumulation. 

Build Your Own Orgone Pyramid 

Our New Modern Hippies Orgone Pyramids can be used as alter piece or during Manifestation & Mediation to help you focus your intentions on what you are manifesting. We have took the liberty of creating some specialized pyramids that help create different ambiances. Wanna build your own unique orgone pyramid? Scroll below to add different crystals, copper,etc.  *Add Luminescent Moonstone Chips Below for A Unique GLOW!