"Transcend Your Mentality"

"Transcend Your Mentality"


Yoni Health & Fertility

YONI Products Regulate menstrual cycles; Decrease menstrual flow; Increase fertility; Speed healing after giving birth; Treat uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts; Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids;Treat chronic vaginal infections; Reduce symptoms of PMS including cramps and bloating; Relieve symptoms of menopause; Benefit the prostate; Promote healthy digestion; Assist with weight loss and much more!

Hippie Tea - $6
Hippie Tea - $6

Yoni Scrub - $10
Yoni Scrub - $10

Hippie Yoni Scrub 

Our NEW Orange Creamsicle Yoni Scrub is designed with the Goddess in mind. Our Yoni Sugar Scrub helps to free ingrown hairs, reduces redness and irritation from waxing and shaving, not to mention smells AMAZING!! 

Fertility Waist Beads
Fertility Waist Beads
Pant or Waist Size Here

Fertility Waist Beads

It is thought that fertility beads originated with the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa but other West African nations like Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone have adopted them. They are considered to be "of the earth" or the source of life as many women wear them during pregnancy to protect the baby from evil spirits and ensure a safe labor an delivery.

~Pink is associated with unconditional love, romance, purity, femininity & healing.

~Green is associated with abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity.
~Red is associated with self-confidence, sensuality, vitality, sexual energy, passion & courage.
Yoni Combo Pack - includes 1 Yoni Egg, 3 Pearls and 1 Yoni Steam
Yoni Combo Pack - includes 1 Yoni Egg, 3 Pearls and 1 Yoni Steam
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