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Self Love Ritual Kit

Self Love Ritual Kit

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Experience true self-love with our carefully curated Self Love Ritual Kit. Immerse yourself in the magical properties of three water elemental ritual salts, ignite your compassion with a pink self-love candle, and complement your space with three beautifully dressed tea lights. Purify your mind and body with the captivating scents of Rose Sage, and enhance your auras glow with our enchanting Love Potion roll-on oil. Our Goddess Love Manifestation Oil will guide you on a captivating journey, while the energies of Goldstone, Rose Quartz, and Carnelian hearts empower your Heart, Solar Plexus & Sacral chakra. Write your greatest self love desires on petition paper and offer them to the sacred energy of our self love spell jar. Elevate your self-love journey – you deserve it. 💖✨ #SelfLoveRitual #EmpowerYourBeing

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